Vintage Teenage Fashion 1910s-1950s

The term “teenager” wasn’t widely used until the 1940’s. Clothing options were typically either made for “girls” or “small women.” Regardless, teens always created their own trends and fads. Vintage teenage fashions favored brighter colors, shorter hems, and looser fits. They also borrowed menswear and made it their own. Teenagers are, and still are, the trend setters for everyday fashion. While I might question some of the current teen fashion trends I have to remember every generation questioned the choices of their teen population. It’s a right of passage for adults to question and teens to be the source of those raised eyebrows.

Last week I shared a few pictures of vintage teenage fashions on social media but I didn’t post as many as I wanted to… so for this roundup I added a few more. Enjoy!

1910's teenager fashion

1910’s – Teens dressed in walking suits with a full skirt, blouse and jacket. Hemlines were a little shorter, hair was long until her age moved her into “women” status, and hats smaller than her mothers. This photo is a perfect contrast between women and teenager.

1920s teenager hats teen hats

1922 Teenager Hats. Before the cloche boom teens were fond of sun hats, turbans, musketeer hats, and toques. Learn about 1920s hat styles here.

1920s teen fashion coats capes

1922 – Colorful capes and spring coats for “junior misses.” Capes were quite popular with teens. Learn more about 1920s teen fashions for girls here.

1920s boys and teen fashion

1924- The transition from boy to man began when he was allowed to wear full leg trousers instead of knickers. Teen men were small versions of their fathers. The flat cap was a signature hat for boys although many also had a felt hat for dressier occasions. Learn more about 1920s teen boys fashion.

1930s teen fashion for men

The Kennedy trio in the mid 30s as teenagers; John, Bobby and Teddy. Teens of the 30’s embraced casual clothing like plaid shirts, gabardine jackets, and duck pants.

1940s teen dresses

1947 Teen “peasant dresses” in pink and white. Frills and ruffles made dresses look more youthful. Learn about 1940’s teen fashions.

1940s teen fashion

1947- Yellow peasant dresses in gingham check, another cute youthful fabric.

1940s teenager skirts and peasant tops

1947 Green and white peasant dresses and dirndl skirts and tops. Read all about the peasant style.

1940s teenager dresses fashion clothing

1940s Teens colorful swing dancing dresses. Ample arm/shoulder room with puff sleeves and wider skirts for swinging movement.

1940s swing dance pants men

Young Men’s Swing Dance Clothing in the 1940s. Wide leg, wide waist band trousers, short fat ties and dress shirts.

1940s teenager clothing

1948 Typical Teenager style: White blouse, Plaid A-line skirt, bobby socks, and low heel shoes (loafers)

1950's teenager fashion

Early 1950’s teenagers on a weekend or summer break wearing Dungarees (blue jeans) with rolled up legs, colorful blouses, bobby socks and black and white saddle shoes.

1950s teenager fashion

More bobby soxer’s in saddle shoes and dresses with cardigan sweaters. perfect hair and makeup was also required fashion.

1950s  prom dresses

1957 formal dresses perfect for a prom or other fancy school dance.

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    The young ladies who are all pictured in a row, attending their perfect hair and makeup look to be either cheerleaders or some version of a “Pep Squad” with their identical outfits, saddle shoes perfectly maintained and what looks like the school’s “letter” on the sides of their skirts. For those young ladies, the perfect hair and makeup was every bit a part of their outfits as their identical blouses! No points for shabby grooming there! Gooooooo Team!

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