Swing Dance Dresses

swing dance dress

Vintage Style Swing Dress from Modcloth

Swing Dancing, especially Lindy Hop or any upbeat swing dance of the 1940’s and 1950’s requires loose, comfortable clothing to dance in. Women of the past didn’t wear special swing dresses they already wore them on a daily basis. A free-flowing skirt attached to a form-fitting bodice and roomy sleeves made swing dancing a breeze.

Today swing dancers love to wear vintage or vintage inspired swing dresses, skirts and pants for dancing. Not only do I find vintage style dresses more comfortable to dance in than modern clothing but they also they are more fun. Do a swing out or spin and watch your skirt twirl! There is nothing quite like wearing vintage style clothing (and shoes) while vintage dancing : )

To help you find your perfect swing outfit I pulled together these vintage inspired dresses from a few of my favorite online shops:

1940 and 1950 Swing Dresses



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