10 Websites with 1940’s Dresses for Sale

1940s dresses for sale vintagedancer comI spend a lot of time online looking for great vintage inspired clothing. There are many fabulous vintage reproduction clothing designers online now that make our choices more plentiful than ever! While I prefer the classic 1940s dress- simple, a-line, boxy shoulders- others want to sleek and sexy 1940s inspired bombshell look. If you want the later you will have more choices.

Here is a collection of a few of my favorite retailers that carry mostly new vintage style 1940’s dresses.

1940s Dresses for Sale

Vintagedancer.com – Our goal at VintageDancer.com is to make it easy to find vintage style clothing by era. We do the looking for you and link to many of the best 1940s style dresses from popular online retailers. Start you shopping here with one of these shopping pages:

1940s dresses and  1940s plus sizes dresses- Two pages of a variety of  new 1940’s dresses for sale online.

Pin Up dresses– For sexy wiggle dresses that gained popularity with pin up models int he 1940s.

1940’s shirtwaist dresses – My favorite 1940s style classic dress is the button down shirtwaist or shirt dress. Learn more about this classic style vintage dress. 

Formal Dresses- Elegant 1940s style formal dresses perfect for holiday parties, proms, mother of the brides and guests of weddings.

1940s shoes for women

1940s Style Peep Toe Pumps

Need shoes and accessories too?

More shops with new 1940’s dresses:

1940s dresses custom made handmade vintagedancer com

Custom 1940s Style Dress at eShakti

EShakti-  If you have a hard time finding clothing that fits your body shape eShatki is for you! They have all vintage inspired dresses that you can choose the sleeve type and length, hem length, collar type, and other changeable details. Each dresses is made just for you and shipping within 18 days! Making the most authentic looking 1940s dress requires knowing a bit about 1940s fashion first or you could always ask me for help. 





1940s pin up dresswww.babygirlboutique.com – The Dress Shop for Retro, Rockabilly, Pin Up, Swing, Indie, Vintage Reproduction and Designer Dresses! Many stylish new 1940s dresses from a variety of brands online. Prices are mostly cheap too. Quality depends on the brand. They offer free shipping on USA orders over $50 and frequent sales for email list subscribers.




Pinup Dress

Pinup Dress

Pinupdresses.com Since the pin up revolution started in the 1940’s I am a little surprised they don’t have more 1940s dresses. However the ones they do have are very cute and classy. Also many dresses are in plus sizes.





1940s party dress

40’s party dress

Revampvintage.com Unique, nearly one of a kind, 1940’s reproduction dresses, suits, swimsuits, blouses and skirts. Not cheap but worth every penny. Patterns are limited editions so check back often for the latest designs.



1940s pencil dressUnique-Vintage.com – The cream of the crop when it comes to form fitting 40’s pencil dresses are Stop Starring Dresses available at UV. The best part is no matter what your size these dresses are made to make you look good. I own several and can’t wait to buy my next one.  Some designs come in plus sizes up to 3XL too.

Unique Vintage also carries a variety of brands that are more classic 1940’s A-line dresses. Many have a patriotic red, white, and blue theme which are great for WW2 memorial themed events and 4th of July day.



ChicStar.com A fan favorite site for 40’s inspired dresses is ChicStar. Their dresses are so affordable I usually buy two for the price of one elsewhere.  While there isn’t a clear “label” for 1940’s dresses they mostly carry pin up dresses also known as wiggle dresses. These are the late 1940’s inspired dresses that became even more popular in the 1950’s and 1960’s.


Vintage 1940s Dresses for Sale:

Etsy.com and ebay.com are good for finding genuine vintage dresses. They also are a good source for vintage someone who can make you a custom 1940s dresses. Try one of these gals for a handmade dress.

www.propervintageclothing.com A small but very authentic collection for real vintage 1940’s clothing. Prices are reasonable and new stock is added often. Worth bookmarking and checking back regularly.

40s style blue velvet dressBlue Velvet Vintage.com One of my all time favorite vintage clothing sites. Lots of great finds from many different eras.The 1940’s dresses are simple and fun- just what a 40’s dress should be. They are starting to carry reproduction dress too.

Wall Flower Vintage– Another good vintage clothing retailer with an ever changing collection of 1940s dresses. I always find something special with Wall Flower.




Do you want more to see more stores that carry 1940’s clothing. How about 160 of them? You can get the whole list in my 1940’s Style Guide ebook. Pick up a copy today and you won’t have to spend another minute searching the web.


More 1940s style dresses for sale online:


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