Easy 1920s Mens Fashion: Summer Sport Clothing


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Looking for an easy 1920s mens fashion outfit? You can put together a casual 1920’s Men’s sporting outfit with items from your closet or local thrift store. Here is how:


What you need:

1. Plain, plaid, check, or tweed pants and suit jacket (optional)
2.Long Sleeve stripe shirt with white-collar
3. Knit vest or wool suit vest
4. Flat / Ivy cap or boater hat
5. Accessories-  Bow Tie, Hat, Shoes

The 1920’s Sportsman

1920s mens fashion trousers pantsIn the 1920’s men and women began to experience leisure time with the newly created work “weekends.” With the free time came a new enjoyment for outdoor sports such as tennis, golf, and sailing. Sport clothes had to be comfortable, easy to move in, and still stylish for the middle to upper class men that played them.

1920s mens knickers costumesThe 1920s sportsmen’s clothes consisted of light colored baggy pants or even baggier plus fours. Plus fours also know as knickers caped off just below the knee with longer argyle socks covering the rest of the leg. Pants would be white or off white for tennis and sailing or bold patterns of checks and plaids for golf.

Tip: To quickly make plus fours take baggy pants and a piece of elastic. Tie the elastic around the pant cuffs just below the knee and fluff the pants over. Be sure you don’t tie it too tight and cut off your circulation. For ready made golf knickers shop at http://www.golfknickers.com/


1920s mens pants trousers


Long pants can be worn too. Light colors are best for summer with wide legs and cuffed hems. Thick and thin stripes, tweed, herringbone pattern pants were all the rage. 1920’s pants were held up very high on the waist with button on suspenders. Belts were just starting to come into fashion but not very common yet. To get pants to fit high up buy an extra size or two up. Modern golf pants are both baggy and usually higher waisted then other mens suit pants. Vintage pants from the 1970’s can also be quite nice just avoid any with bell bottom legs.

1920s Men’s Sport Shirts

1920s mens fashion shirts

1920s Striped Shirts

1920’s men especially liked striped shirts– white/blue, white/yellow, and white/pink were popular combinations. Shirts were always long sleeve (yes, even in summer) and usually had white cuffs and collars.
mens 1920s vestPrior to the 1920s it was improper to be out in public without a jacket. Wearing only a shirt was unacceptable however knit sweaters became a new approved fashion trend. Long sleeve sweaters, short sleeves sweaters, and sweater vests were worn over dress shirts for a casual sporty look. Enjoy this new freedom by wearing a light colored suit vest or chunky knit sweater vest. For a collegiate look put a large letter on the front or lower right side of the sweater.

1920s Men’s Fashion Accessories

mens 1920s bow tie 1920s mens fashionNeckties and bow ties in bold colors of thick stripes and dots with matching pocket squares/handkerchiefs were the two accessories that allowed for a lot of color. Have fun with your selection and if possible buy a self tie bow tie and learn to tie it. It will look better then a pre-tied bow tie.
1920s mens fashion cap gatsby hatThe best part of 1920s mens fashion were the hats. Summer hats could be straw boaters, panamas or flat caps. Flat caps, also called Ivy caps, Cab driver caps, Big apple caps, Newsboy caps and slew of other names were the choice hat worn in the 1920’s by all classes of men. Even the Great Gatsby wore a white cap to his summer parties. These hats should be easy to find locally or online. The baggier style “newsboy” caps are the most authentic to 1920’s caps.

Buy 1920’s Style Men’s Hats:

1940's men's shoes 1920s mens fashion two tone shoes


1920s shoes took a fun shift into two tones lace up oxfords. Brown and white for day wear and black and white for evening wear were popular for the wealthy. Golf shoes are still made in two tones otherwise you may have to special order them online. It’s the one fashion splurge that is worth it to make this outfit look VERY 1920s vintage.

Shop 1920s style men’s shoes:

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Shopping Advice

If you don’t have these clothes already in your closet I recommend heading to your nearest thrift store or department store. Most of these items can be found locally. The following clothes are new clothes with a 1920s look and feel to them. Supplement your outfit or piece together a whole new wardrobe with these options:

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