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1920s dressesThe earlier the decade the harder it is to find good vintage inspired or reproduction dresses for sale. This is especially true for the 1920’s. Most clothing of this era is found on cheap costume sites which is fine for a one time party but not a great choice for an authentic look and feel.

Real 1920’s inspired evening gowns are covered in beaded patterns, made with rich materials like velvet, silk or chiffon and almost always feature a drop waist. Drop waists literally dropped over the entire decade. Early drop waists hung around the high hip while later dresses came all the way down to the knee. Some dresses didn’t have a waist at all- just one long sheath dress.

Day dresses were made with cotton and other less expensive materials yet still featured the drop waists and embroidery instead of beads. Sashes were used to create the illusion of the waist band over sheath dresses. Colors were light pastels of green, peach, pink and blue for spring with slightly darker shades for fall.

My favorite sites for 1920’s dresses for sale online:

1920s Style dresses

1920’s Style Dresses

Vintage Dancer: Yes that is here. Rather then send you all over the web looking for 1920’s dresses I have compiled several pages of 1920s style dresses from multiple online retailers. Talk about one stop shopping!

1920’s Style Dresses – My handpicked selection of  1920’s style dresses for both formal and casual wear from around the web all in one place.  For longer 1910-1920’s inspired Downton Abbey dresses look here. 

If you need 1920’s Style dresses in Plus Sizes  this is the page for you.

1920’s Formal Dresses: For prom or special dresses occasions these ones are full of beautiful beading.

For 1920s Costume dresses (cheap) see the selection here.

UK shoppers can find some amazing 20s style dresses here. 

I also have shopping pages of 1920s style shoes, stockings, hats, headbands, jewelry, shawls and purses to complete your outfit. Start here to shop ALL 1920’s style clothing.

More 1920s dress sites:

1920s dresses for sale

Beaded dresses at Unique-Vintage.com

Unique-Vintage.com  carries a line of 1920’s style dresses that  are  elaborately beaded on sheer netting just like real 1920s dresses. Most if not all of their gowns are copied from original 20’s dresses. They also have all the accessories you need to complete your look.

Unique Vintage also carries a very large selection of Sue Wong dresses which are heavily influence by the beaded dress styles of the 1920’s and 1930’s.

Another new shop is Wear Dreams are Made. They design their own line of gorgeous beaded dresses as well as carry the popular Nataya band. Similar dresses in Australia can be found at Vintage Now Clothing.


Nordstrom, Macy’s and BlueGala.com carry formal evening gowns that are inspired by the 1920’s. Designers Terani, Mignon, Sue Wong and Mon Cheri are four brands that always seem to carry 1920’s inspired gowns. These are great for white tie events, proms, and weddings. See my bests picks at the Formal Dresses page.


www.revampvintage.com – For very authentic 1920’s dresses, skirts and pants look no further than revamp. This company takes original patterns and recreates them in limited runs so that your outfit is almost as rare as the originals. New selections are added often so its worth bookmarking or following on Facebook to see the latest additions.

BlueVelvetVintage- Recently started to carry a few 1920s reproduction beaded dresses as well as the romantic Nataya brand dresses.  I am a big fan of this site for other retro repro clothing and now to have 20’s is just icing on the cake!


1920s reproduction dress

Blue Velvet Vintage Repro DressGreat Gatsby Wedding dressGreat Gatsby / 1920s Downton Abbey Wedding Dress at Blue Velvet

For even more dress vintage dresses sites I recommend look at this list.

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