What to Wear to a Titanic Event

For you lucky folks attending a Titanic event this year and want to dress the era look no further. The guide will cover a brief history of the fashion, options to buy ready made clothing, new clothing, and advice for sewing your own clothing.

Dressing for the Titanic:

You may decide just to invest in one luxurious outfit for a formal party or perhaps several options for day and evening wear. In either case be prepared to spend a small fortune on clothing and accessories. Vintage clothes from this time are rare and very expensive not to mention probably not in your size range. Ready made clothes may be a little less costly depending on the supplier. Sewing your own outfit can be the most affordable option if you choose reasonably priced fabric and trim. Throughout the guide I will give you tips and advice on how to make items for free to very little cost. An example of this is my How to Make a Titanic Swim Dress for $20 of Less.

Titanic 1912 Mens Fashion

Click here for Men’s Day Wear or Evening formal wear or Shoes.

1912 Fashion History- Women

1911 Walking Suits with Picture Hats and  Paraols


1912 Edouard Touraine Print

1912 Dresses

1911 tea gowns

1911 Edwardian Clothing

1912 fashions were part of the larger Edwardian Era and it’s subset the La Belle Epoque. It was a time of transitions from the large bustles and corseted dresses of the Victorian era to the boyish, flat chested roaring 20’s. 1910-1914 was especially unique. The corset became long and rectangular giving the dress a tube shape. Although free from the excessive layers of petticoats in the Victorian era women were not free from the strict social classes and dictated etiquette. Clothing showed these restrictions. For example the hobble skirt was a popular long, narrow dress skirt which allowed for only small tiny steps. This kept a women looking dainty and doll like. The amount of ornamentation on gowns- the extensive hand beading on dinner dresses- or the ornate jewelry that accompany a first class woman’s wardrobe was a sign of very wealthy times. The Titanic herself was a showcase of extravagant spending and with her sinking ended such opulence. The coming war eventually sent the world into a much more conservative state, at least for a few years.

Edwardian titanic costume clothingBesides being long, narrow, and expensively decorated women’s clothing was heavily influenced by the orient. Japan was a newly discovered world by westerners. Men collected all things “Japanese” such as swords while the ladies swooned over oriental silk materials and clothing designs. The Kimono influenced dress styles (most of Rose’s day dresses in the Titanic movie were Kimono style) and men’s smoking jackets took on the one button fastening just like Japanese robes. Even the hobble skirt was influenced by the Japanese Geisha who walked in very small steps.

These extreme fashions were mostly worn by young women. The mature ladies didn’t fully embrace the new fashion. Instead they wore fashions that resembled early Edwardian times: Large puffed out blouses with puffy shoulders and narrow long sleeves, attached to a full length a-line skirt with ruffles at the bottom.

One thing that didn’t change much throughout the Edwardian era were the hats. These huge monstrosities of lace, feathers, ribbon and stuffed birds required slow movement and a steady walk to keep balanced.

More Resources

www.bustledress.com See Antique Titanic era dresses for sale. The sold items are still listed so you can see what original dresses looked like.

Image search for 1911 dresses and 1912 dresses

Besides watching the various Titanic movies and documentaries for costume examples be sure to watch season one of Downton Abbey and My Fair Lady. It is sent during 1912, the same year Titanic sank, and features many gorgeous costumes with large hats, hobble skirts, and Asian inspired finery. The color of the gowns (mostly white) is historically inaccurate but the shape, style, and accessories are very much in line with the 1912-1913 designs.

Shopping Advice

Since the La Belle Epoque years of fashion were so few, compared to the many decades of Victorian dress, the sources and options for buying premade clothing is small. What is available in the Edwardian era tends to focus on the early Edwardian times and the Gibson Girl look. That look has long a-line dark skirts with a light colored blouse and wide belt or  long white Lacey ruffled garden dresses. These are OK to wear for the Titanic event. These styles still would have been worn by 2nd and 3rd class women. First class women would not have worn these so I would decide what class you want to represent and buy accordingly.

Titanic Style dresses at VintageDancer.com

Shop Titanic Inspired Dresses at Wardrobe Shop

I love to browse online for historical clothing. I especially like to find new clothing with elements of historical style. My finds are usually for accessories such as shawls, shoes, and jewelry.  Start with the Edwardian Titanic shopping page where you can view everything at once and then click on the image to be taken directly to the retailer to buy the item. The quality of these items vary from inexpensive “costume / fancy dress” items to more authentic reproduction items. You should be able to find what you need within your budget. If you have trouble finding something please leave a comment or contact me so I can help you.

Edwardian Titanic Reproduction Clothes


Recollections. biz – I don’t normally like their clothes because they are mostly made of a rough cotton which makes them machine washable but not high quality. The Edwardian Taffeta Gown or Calico Dressare two options which are more or less in the right years for a Titanic event.The Taffeta Lace top and skirt is another good option.

www.premierclothing.com Pretty Tea length gowns from around 1912/titanic times. Also beautiful blouses and skirts for early Edwardian or middle class look.

revampvintage – Has a “Charity” jumper dress and blouse from around 1910. A nice alternative for day wear.

fashionsintime – has three lovely Late Edwardian dress designs.

Accessories: Hats

Read the History of Titanic Era Hats

Recollections.biz Has several nice Edwardian hats, gloves, lace shawls and parasols. Even the ones labeled Victorian will do well for this event.

www.eastangelharbor.com Edwardian Hats- Big and Beautiful

http://www.etsy.com/shop/madamehatsy Madame Hatsy- makes and sells a wide variety of historical hats


It was a sign of wealth and status for a lady to have fair skin. in meant she wasn’t like a laborer who toiled for work in the sun. Therefore it was important that a lady carry a parasol with her while traveling outdoors. Solid fabric or lace parasols were an everyday accessory for women.

My Victorian parasols page – Links to shop some great Victorian style parasols and umbrellas.

www.lace-parasols.com – Gorgeous lace parasols. Also a few lace gloves and satchels.

Amazon.com- A variety of very nice lace parasols in assorted colors and qualities.


For day or evening a woman always wore gloves. Day wear required dark or light kid leather gloves to match the outfit. In the summer lace gloves could be worn as well (and they are much more breathable than leather.) For evening wear long white or cream kid leather gloves were preferred. Some fancy gloves were made of suede or silk and embroidered with lavish designs.Shop gloves here.

TIP: The only time gloves could be taken off were when a lady was putting food in or eliminating food from her body :)


Victorian shawlA silk embroidered shawl was  common accessory for both day and evening. Cool weather aboard the Titanic required a layer of warmth with style.  Silk shawls or wraps were solid or patterned prints with tassels or beaded fringe along the bottom. they could be standard size shawls, like today’s wraps, or larger cocoon shaped varieties. Jacket forms were also common. There has been a resurgence of fancy silk shawls over the last few years. They are still fairly easy to find in a variety of colors to match your outfit. These new shawls and wraps for work well for Titanic costumes.

Titanic Shoes


1900-1920 Shoes

There is so much to be said about Edwardian Titanic shoes that I wrote a separate post on it as well as an entire shopping page. 



Modern Titanic Edwardian Inspired Dresses

Many Titanic event goers may not want to go the authentic costuming route or simply can’t afford the expense. There are many long and beaded or lace dresses that have a flavor of the Edwardian era but with modern comfort and style. These are excellent retailers for you:

Wardrobe Shop – The Nataya dress line is very Victorian/Edwardian romantic clothing. Great for day wear or to dinners on the cruise.

victoriantradingco.com – Is full of high end Victorian inspired fashions. Dress, coats, wraps, hats and more.

 Titanic Inspired Dresses – All new “modern” dresses with a distinct 1900s Titanic style to them.

Make Your Own Titanic Dress

www.gbacg.org Excellent article on sewing a dress for the 1900 “teens.” A good history read even if you are buying a dress.

The above article talks about fabrics to use with your patterns. I want to add that since oriental fabrics were in vogue you should consider using a Chinese, Japanese or even Indian silk fabric. Sari fabric is a favorite with Titanic costumers.

Edwardian Titanic Clothes Patterns

Past patterns- Look for dress patterns from the 1910-1912  years

www.longago.com Large collection of Edwardian era patterns.

Hintofhistory – Basic pattern for 3 Kimono style Dresses that you can download today.

vintagefashionlibrary – Has a small but unique selection of Reproduction patterns out

of print.

Butterick Misses’/Misses’ Petite Early 20Th Century Costume Great choice for for early mid 1910’s walking suits.

Need more Help?

Leave a comment below or contact me via email if you have any questions about Titanic era clothing.

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